Our 2018 Family Life in a Nutshell – Embracing a Simple Life and Realizing It’s the Best

I think husband and I are at an age when responsibilities can be overwhelming. I want to think that our family is at the building phase, praying we are being wise and not foolish builders.

Both on our mid-thirties, with children still on their formative years, doing the dailies on our own as we are very far from family, husband embracing bigger responsibilities at work, and the two of us growing each day in the faith, and thereby in service to ministries (all thanks to His grace), I accepting teaching jobs here and there, then supporting my Young Living essential oils team, and lots of other endeavors we hope to share in the coming days –That’s our family in a nutshell.

Along with our hustles last year were the many valuable life lessons we gained, mostly about simplicity like minimalism and using our time wisely.  If your family is on the same busy building stage or at whatever stage, we pray you can get something from our life lessons last year. Here are some: