What Does a Grade Measure?

When I was in college, I was asked to write an answer to that question in my basic Philosophy Class. My professor was actually expecting us to answer and defend that grades do not measure anything at all. Well, grades are numeric and surely they do not measure all things, but they certainly measure something. I have written that a grade measures your capability to deliver as you are expected to, to adapt your learning style to a certain teaching style in order to absorb information and to be diligent in helping yourself interpolate and extrapolate information.

It’s been more than a decade since I last concerned myself with grades and schools. I am actually already a mom of a grade 1 pupil.

Being young parents, our experiences with our 6-year-old boy are most of the time “firsts.” And last week, we experienced an exam-week for him. For the first time.


Loving a Strong-willed Toddler

I wished she would just behave and stopped being a defiant child. And yet the firmer I became, the more she fought tooth and nail to get what she wanted. It was our biggest power-struggle so far. Pure pain.

For a moment, I just wanted to get an earphone, lock myself in the bathroom and listen to anything… Anything but her wailing. I wished to wait there in peace, until she stops… But she wouldn’t let me leave her side, too.