Hey there!

Thanks for visiting this site! We hope to share with you… anything under the sun. And the moon! From gardening to cars, pets to cooking, from kids to furnitures, and crafting our furnitures — anything!

So, who are we?

We are a Christian family of four. Five including the first born we’ve lost. An expatriate family in United Arab Emirates. We love God, farming, crafting… ok…  Let me state that again! OUR FAMILY loves God; MY HUSBAND loves farming, and crafting anything from furnitures to our kids’ toys. He is also inclined to cars and bikes and gardening and all animals. And mind you, he can also cook. And I mean he can cook really good, usually with the herbs and greens from our garden in this part of the desert.

As for me, I’m his avid fan and supporter. A simple wife who is keeping a simple home and enjoying everything simple. Did I say that simple enough? 🙂 I really love God. Next to Him, I love my husband, kids, and essential oils. Yup, there will be momma whinings and musings here; and posts about essential oils, too. 🙂

That’s our family picture below.



How did this blog start?

Well, on June 4, 2018, exactly 11 days from now, I and my husband will be celebrating our 9th anniversary. I, the wife, originally conceptualized this as my gift to him because I wanted to feature all his ingenious creations and beneficial hobbies. But then, I needed time for writing and putting up this website and it’s hard to find an excuse for being so busy on my desk. That being so, this is not a surprise to him anymore. Instead, I was surprised when he supported the idea of blogging our rich family stories and testimonies. So expect as well bits and pieces of our trials and triumphs while we share with you our bitter-sweet walk with the Lord. 🙂




  1. Congratulate to open website of your family.
    I’m sure that everyone will be happy by seeing website of yours. Gentle and handsome husband as well as smart and butiful wife can make happy life which affects all viewers.

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