Some Car Wisdom…

My husband loves cars. And repairing cars. One of his dreams when he retires is to put up his own garage shop.

My husband chooses 2nd hand cars and changes cars frequently because: 1) He wants to cut or avoid depreciation; 2) He doesn’t want to deal with maintenance costs; 3) Every car is a challenge to his mechanical inclinations; from choosing, to attending to some initial repairs, to maintaining. It’s his hobby.ย ๐Ÿ˜‚, 4) He just really loves cars and he wants to try varieties.

This is the 7th car in our 9 years of stay in UAE, the 2nd Hummer H2; because we used to change car/s almost every year. We keep one or two cars; and there came a time we had three. It used to be so easy to buy very good 2nd hand cars here in UAE for enthusiasts like my husband. Until the economic recession.

And so, there has been an economic recession. The prices of 2nd hand cars plummeted. A lot of expats were laid off; and suddenly there’s a lot of cars in the market. It’s a good time to buy; yet a hard time to sell. And a hard time to change cars, too. Glad we’re stuck with this one coz we just love its performance. And thankful we’re just keeping two by the time the recession began. We managed to dispose one. And we were trying to dispose the Hummer as well, and trying to get a smaller and cheaper one ‘coz we wanted to go light and ready (massive terminations happening that time).

Two years have passed after the recession and God still allows us to be here. So does He with the Hummer. Are we still selling it? We don’t know. It’s our most favorite car so far despite my husband’s instruction to not get attached to any of them. But we also don’t know what need/s may arise or what God has instore for us or where he will lead us. It’s a wait and trust and see. ๐Ÿ™‚




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